Success Stories

Heather Feeley-Olympic Soccer

Being a professional soccer player my energy is always important, thanks Preplean for creating such high quality healthy meals and bars!

John David Washington- Actor

I am just so thankful for the opportunity to have been working with you, this has been the key to my healthy lifestyle and has opened up my eyes to how healthy eating can taste so good!

CJ Wilson- Retired MLB Player/Business Mogel


I have been working with Preplean for most of my career and it carries me through the season and I look forward to hitting it hard in the off season. Thanks Alex!

Rachele Brooke Smith- Actress


Being a very active actress and dancer along needing a custom food intake, working with Alex has just made my life easier and healthier! Thanks Alex!

Will Demps-Retired NFL/Business Owner


Thanks Alex for being the fuel for my body, it was great working hand in hand with Preplean.

Jamey Wright- MLB


Thanks for everything! My wife and I love to depend on this program with our hectic schedule.